Richmond entrepreneur, teacher, writer, and web expert.

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Who is Christopher R. Cooper?

It depends on the day. Some days I am a writer, some days a traveler. I am a Richmonder, an agency founder, and a teacher. I’m a bit of a geek; turning calories into code.

Most importantly, just like you, I am trying to find the answer to that question: who am I?

If you made it here, though, you probably know me. Reach out and engage me on social media.

What Work Do You Do?

Daymuse Studios, LLC

Daymuse Studios, LLC provides web application development, consulting, and support services for open source products and original creations.

Adjunct Professor

I taught Web Essentials: "How do you leverage the web from the perspective of business strategy to create value? What do you need to understand within the sphere of web technologies to apply what the modern web has to offer?" I've recently told the tale of how to become an adjunct professor.

Independent Writer

An accomplished writer with my first print story appearing in Space Times, the magazine of the American Astronautical Society. Read more on the blog.

Latest From The Blog

I infrequently write on my personal blog about topics that interest me.

Often it’s about the city I live in and love: Richmond, VA.

Sometimes it’s about a particular interest of mine like space exploration.

Either way, I hope you find something you enjoy. Let me know what you think!

Latest YouTube Video

Once in a while I’ll collect the video that I shoot from my smartphone and produce a YouTube highlight.

My latest is below!

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